The Best Animal Clips on Youtube

Feeling blue? Feeling bored? Are you a wooden board that has been painted blue?

Here are five of the best animal-related Youtube videos I’ve seen. Guaranteed to make you smile, unless you are a heartless monster. No offence to heartless monsters – oh, sorry Frankenstein, but I don’t even know how they allowed you to have an internet account in the first place. Anyway, the rest of us ‘norms’, let us derive entertainment and inspiration from our animal friends:

5. Speed Turtle

Turtles are slow, right? Wrong! Especially not if you catch them napping on a footpath in Florida: ‘I’m…just… gonna… BAIL BAIL BAIL!!’

4. Cat Hiccup Fart

We’ve all had those hangovers before, you know the ones – where you are so utterly feeble and lethargic that you can’t even be arsed to hiccup and fart seperately. This cat knows what I’m talkin’ bout.

3. March of the Alpacas

Forget the four horsemen of the apocalypse… this is the Alpacalypse! The Bitter Woolly End, Dromadary Doom, The Camelid Conclusion… Ok I’m out… watch this:

2. Hitchcock Cat

Yep another cat video on the list… so sue me – welcome to the Internet. But this is different. This is downright chilling. It’s like that nightmare you are about to have after watching this…

1. Flying  Sloth
This is perhaps the greatest thing ever witnessed. Let this sloth’s adventure be a lesson to us all… miracles CAN happen!

Bonus honorable mention:

Baby Monkey… Riding Backwards… On A…Pig 



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