Litteration /’כ:səm/ n.  a wordy concoction of articles, stories, thoughts, history, trivia and pop-culture all smashed together after somebody forgot to unplug the Large Hadron Collider.

Blaargh! I'm the party turtleneck and I'm here to party! 45% astute assessment and interesting factlets.
 25% indignant opinion-pushing.
5% eye-roll inducing puns.
 13% references to Game of Thrones.
 7% dinosaurs and robots.
2% maltodextrins.
3% spelling, grammar and syntax errors.
1% proof I’m better with words than maths.

Please read with care and separate from colours.

Dig up my older stuff at  www.thesocialcentre.com.

Have a question, comment or vile diatribe of hate? email me at chrisdbeaumont@gmail.com.
(Information on erectile dysfunction remedies or offers from Nigerian entrepreneurs are ALWAYS welcome. )


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