Here you can find links to the numerous, poorly-punctuated, grammar-challenged and at times horribly-written ramblings of yore. Some are pretty good. Really! Some.

Pollies? What a crack-up

World Cup Guide.

It’s a Conspiracy!

What your font says about you

How to be an indie band 

Not So Glorious Sport

Obama: The edible President

Fashion Failure

Horny for a long time

Things that scared me as a child

Advertising vs The Brain

Types of Bosses

Memorable Sporting Dummy-Spits

An energy drink straight outta Compton

Australia the movie (the real version)

The Australian 2008 Olympics Guide

If there are lessons to be learnt from horror films…

A tribute to the car

Worst Decisions in History

101 things people should be shot for

Good Old Kids TV (Where has all the entertainment gone?)

Most Memorable Sitcom Characters

Girls who drink beer

The Do’s and Dont’s of Elite Sport

Jukebox Glory Whores

Unco Pedestrians

Fat Kids

Overcoming addiction: Spider Solitaire

A riddle wrapped in an enigma, and sprinkled with intrigue

Songs you like, but you know you shouldn’t

Flag Worship, and why the Australian Flag now has meaning

4WD Drivers

Global Warming

How to be Pretentious

Speed Cameras

Greatest Cover Songs Ever

Paris Hilton Goes Shopping…

Sentimentally Speaking

The Greatest Protest Song Ever?

On the Melbourne Cup….

Reality TV

It’s hot

Sheik Alhilali on 60 Minutes

Drunken Friends

The Glasshouse, Chaser and the Democratic Myth

10 Most Memorable Movie Characters Ever

Celebrity Marriages

Forget Sexy, bring substance back!

McDonald’s are Pathetic

Ashes Etiquette Part 2: Backyard Cricket

Ashes Etiquette Part 1

The Worst Songs Ever

Are You a Sociopath?

Hate Me, I’m a Carnivorous Beast



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